Housing Partnership Equity Trust
Resident Benefits Resident Benefits

The Housing Partnership Equity Trust’s nonprofit partners are recognized leaders in providing services to their residents. Programs are tailored to each property and its residents, and are designed to expand residents’ educational opportunities and financial security, provide access to health and wellness resources and services, build community, and connect them to safety net resources.

Resident programs cover and may include:

Programs for children and teens

Programs for children and teens, such as summer camps, mentoring, homework clubs and after-school programs, that offer academic support and enrichment, create community, extend child care hours and ensure access to health education.

Adult Programs

Adult programs ranging from English as a Second Language to financial literacy that expand opportunities for residents and support them in attaining their educational goals, advancing into fulfilling careers, and achieving greater financial stability.

Senior Programs

Senior Programs, such as brain fitness and health programs, which facilitate access to community resources and support their independence, quality of life and health and wellness.

Child Care Centers

On-site child care centers that serve a range of families.


Community services and facilities such as parks, open space and libraries.


Neighborhood-serving retail in mixed-use developments.